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Literary Circulations in South Asia : Producing, Translating, Preserving Texts

lundi 27 août 2018

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Colloque international
21-22 août 2018
Lieu : Institut français de Pondichéry, Inde

- Co-organisée par le projet DELI (Dictionnaire Encyclopédique des Littératures de l’Inde) et l’IFP (Institut Français de Pondichéry)
- Avec le soutien du CEIAS, du CERC et de "Mondes iranien et indien"




Anne Castaing, Nicolas Dejenne, Claudine Le Blanc, Ingrid Le Gargasson





Mardi 21 août

09h30 Inaugural Session

  • Welcome address by IFP and the DELI team
  • Presentation of the DELI project
  • Introduction to the conference

10h00 Keynote address by ABHIJIT GUPTA (Jadavpur University)

  • Two Centuries of Indian Print.

10h30 Coffee break

11h00 Session 1

  • Heleen DE JONCKHEERE (Ghent University)
    ‘Examining Religion’ through Generations of Jain Audiences : The Circulation of the Dharmaparīkṣā Tradition.
  • Shalin JAIN (Delhi University)
    Constructing Knowledge and Circulating Perceptions : The Jain Vigyaptipatras in Early Modern South Asia.
  • PRAKASH V. (Institut Français de Pondichéry)
    Tinai : Love, Nature, Landscape. The Place and Its Development in Tamil Literary Tradition.

12h30 Lunch

14h00 Session 2

  • Kedar KULKARNI (Flame University)
    The Manuscript and the Anthology in Colonial India.
  • Cezary GALEWICZ (Jagiellonian University)
    The Veda, the Imperial Typography and Regional Print Cultures in Colonial India.
    History of Publishing Indian Popular Literature : Printing and Circulation of Bhojpuri Chapbooks inside the North India Book Market Economy.

16h00 Session 3

  • Sushmita BANERJEE (Delhi University)
    Persian Taz̠kirāt-s and Circulation of Knowledge in Sixteenth Century North India : Tracing Narratives and History in the Ak̲h̲bār al-Ak̲h̲yār.
  • Zahra SHAH (Governement College University, by Skype)
    The Key to the Hearts of Beginners : Gender and Movement in an Eighteenth-Century Persian Text.


Mercredi 22 août


09h30 Session 4

  • Krupa SHAH (IIT Gandhinagar)
    Reading Hothal : Language Travel and Multilingualism.
  • VINOTH M. (Institut Français de Pondichéry) & THIAGARAJAN S. (Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College)
    Challenges in Translating Sanskrit Drama : The Case of the Tamil Translation of Bhavabhūti’s Mālatīmādhava.
  • Ashokan C. NAMBIAR (Delhi University)
    Producing a “New” : Kandathil Varghese Mappila (1858- 1904) and the Emergence of a Modern Literary Space in Malayalam in Nineteenth-century Kerala.

11h Coffee break

11h15 Session 5

  • Namrata RATHORE MAHANTA (Banaras Hindu University)
    The Journey of the Vrata Narrative in Vārāṇasi : From the Purāṇa-s to Popular Tracts.
  • Tanima DEY (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
    Text and Context : 18th Century Bengali Literary Culture in Cachar and Tripura.
    Transcreating the Ramayana in Assamese : Madhav Kandali’s Satkanda Ramayana.

12h45 Lunch

14h00 Session 6

  • Marielle MORIN (CNRS/CEIAS)
    Reading between the Shelves : Books and Public Libraries in Colonial Bengal.
  • Debashree DATTARAY (Jadavpur University)
    Rearticulating Indigenous Knowledge Systems : Institutional and Cultural Practices in Karbi Anglong, Assam.
  • Jayadhir THIRUMALA RAO (Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Hyderabad)
    The Indigenous Text and Preservation in Oral and Written Forms.

15h30 Coffee break

16h00 Final session : round table (chaired by Kannan M.)

  • V. GEETHA (Essayist)
  • Dilip KUMAR (Publisher and Translator)
  • Kanchana MUKHOPADHYAY (Bingsha Shatabdi Publishers)
  • J. SHASHIKUMAR (School of Translation Studies and Training, Ignou)
  • Rajesh VENKATASUBRAMANIAN (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research)