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Tuesday 2 June 2015

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Professor of linguistics (University Sorbonne nouvelle - Paris 3)
Head of the reasearch unit Mondes iranien et indien (UMR7528)

Address:Institut de Linguistique et de Phonétique Générales et Appliquées 19, rue des Bernardins 75005 - Paris
- Phone number:+33 (0)1 44 32 05 88


Status and Service
- Professor of linguistics, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
- Head of the reasearch unit Mondes iranien et indien (UMR7528) (October 2010-)
- Member of the French National board of Universities (CNU) for linguistics (section 7) (November 2011-)
Research Interests
- Syntax, morphology and lexicon of Iranian languages (with a special focus on Persian)
- Linguistic typology
- Formal approaches to morphology and syntax
- Quantitative approaches to syntax
- Persian grammar


Research Projects

- Languages, Dialects and Isoglosses of the Iran-Caucasus-Anatolia-Near-East Area, Wokpackage LC3, Strand 3 of the Labex EFL (with Anaid Donabedian).
- Developing Language Resources for Iranian Languages, Wokpackage LR4.1, Strand 6, of the Labex EFL.
- PERGRAM - Theory and Implementation of a Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar for Persian (ANR-DFG, 2009-2012, in collaboration with Stefan Müller, Frei Universtät de Berlin)


- Syntax 1
- Syntax
- Semantics
Graduate (Master)
Linguitic typology: Clitics
Graduate (Doctoral Seminar)
How to account for variation in syntax: Quantitative and experimental methods (in collaboration with Pegah Faghiri)
PhD Supervisions
- Gwendoline Fox (2007-2012), jointly with Anne Salazar-Orvig
- Pegah Faghiri (2011-), jointly with Barbara Hemforth
- Maximilian Guérin (2011-), jointly with Konstantin Pozdniakov
- Yunfan Lai (2013-), jointly with Guillaume Jacques
- Ophélie Gandon (2013-)

Publications & communications

Publications and references in the Open Archive in Humanities and Social Sciences (HAL-SHS)