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Programs and Projects

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Research Program (2014-2018)

Five-year research program (2014-2018) bringing together individual and collective projects of all members of the research team in five key areas listed below.
More details on the axes are in the French section of the site.

I. Histoire et cultures iraniennes, indiennes et indo-persanes (Iranian, Indian and Indo-Persian History and culture)
II. Littératures indiennes et iraniennes (Indian and Iranian Litterature)
III. Langues des mondes iranien et indien (Languages of Iranian and Indian Worlds)
IV. Religions, philosophies, sociétés dans les mondes iranien et indien (Religions, philosophies and society in the Iranian and Indian worlds)
V. Sociétés contemporaines d’Iran et d’Asie centrale (Contemporary societies of Iran and Central Asia)

Research Projects

- TransPerse (ANR Project)
Les Actes des martyrs perses entre Orient et Occident.
Transmissions interculturelles et représentations au début du 5e siècle.

- Perspred
Base de données des prédicats complexes du persan

- CartOrient
Cartographie (Iran, Asie Centrale, Afghanistan, Caucase)

- DYNTRAN (ANR Project)
Dynamics of Transmission : Families, Authority and Knowledge in the Early Modern Middle East (15th-17th centuries)

- Pers-Ind : "Perso-Indica" (ANR Project)
La persanisation des savoirs indiens (XIIIe-XIXe siècles)

- The DELI Project
Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Indian Literature

- Manuscripts of the Jaffna Bishop’s House (1850-1930)
Manuscripts’ Preservation Project

Corpus de textes et de sources sur l’Iran : pour une histoire de l’Orient au VIe siècle

- PERGRAM (ANR Project)
Theory and Implementation of a Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar for Persian

Libraries and erudites in late mediaeval and early modern Central Asia (15th-19th centuries) : history of manuscript book and sociology of literacy in the eastern part of the Muslim world (Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, North India...)