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Indian narratives and Persian literature

Thursday 24 March 2016

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Second Perso-Indica Workshop
8 April 2016

Place : Salle Prestige, Sorbonne nouvelle, 4 Rue des Irlandais, 75005, Paris
Organisation & Contact : Pegah Shahbaz

Program & Abstracts (pdf)





Fabrizio Speziale, Introduction to the Second Perso-Indica Workshop

Nalini Balbir, The Pañcatantra Stories in Their Indian Versions: Languages, Contents and Purposes

Pegah Shahbaz, The Translation and Adaptation of Pañcatantra Tradition in Persian Literature: from Kalīla wa Dimna to Pancakhyana

11h30: Discussion

12h00: Lunch-Break

Judit Törzsök, Narrative Strategies and Political Situations: The Hitopadeśa in Context

Blain Auer, From Mufarriḥ al-qulūb (The Rejoicer of Hearts) to Aḫlāq-i hindī (Indian Ethics): Translating Persian and Sanskrit Political Advice Literature

14h15: Discussion

14h45: Coffee-Break

Iran Farkhondeh, The Śukasaptati Within the Sanskrit Tradition of Kathā Cycles

Sunil Sharma, When a Translation is Not Really a Translation: Żīyā al-Dīn Naḫšabī’s Ṭūṭī-nāma

16.15: Discussion

16.45: Conclusion